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Head of Communities and Enforcement

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Job Description                  Head of Communities and Enforcement


we are looking for an outstanding individual to join our East London local authority client on a temporary basis 


Responsible for:                


Development and monitoring of all the Council’s Communities and Enforcement Service


Development and management of the capital programme for CCTV and Market Services


Management of Communities and Enforcement Services, including CCTV, THEO & ASB, and Market Services.


Delivery of Enforcement Review outcomes including the development and management of a new corporate information and tasking hub


Purpose of the job


To lead and manage the functions needed for the management of the Council’s communities and enforcement service and its related assets, ensuring that the borough is a great place to live and prosper. This includes:


Responsibility for maintaining an overview of service performance in compliance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice; initiating action as necessary.


Managing the delivery of compliant, efficient and effective enforcement services, keeping the service up to date and leading on all service developments.


Being Head of Service; and to exercise delegated powers and be the principal advisor on enforcement services, including reviewing, developing and implementing policies and strategies across the service.


Ensuring that the services managed remain relevant and deliver value for money in accordance with Council policies and strategies, through the delivery of the annual service plan, service reviews and action plans.


Establishing and maintain excellent internal and external relationships with stakeholders in order to facilitate the work of the services provided and to enhance the Council’s image.  To represent the Council on national and regional professional forums.


Be responsible for the delivery of the service budgets, including delivery of the annual budgeted surplus and income and savings targets.


Main duties and responsibilities


To ensure management information systems are in place to provide performance and compliance data which meets current and future service needs.


To monitor service performance and identify areas requiring action; reporting issues with recommendations to the Divisional Director.


To be responsible for managing service developments and identifying areas for improvement; ensuring their effectiveness so that the anticipated benefits are realised.


To be responsible for the production of the annual service plan in accordance with Council strategies


To ensure service budgets are effectively managed and services continue to deliver budgetary targets


To ensure service resilience and that continuity plans are in place and fit for purpose.


To be responsible for ensuring effective communication with all stakeholders and that the service profile meets the highest expectations.


To direct, manage and coordinate the work of staff teams in the provision of the following services:




Crime Analysis and Community Safety Intelligence to be incorporated into a new Information and Tasking Hub


Develop an integrated Public Realm Street Enforcement Service


The Council’s Enforcement Officers & ASB Team


The Council’s Market and Street Trading Services


To ensure the services managed remain relevant, efficient and fit for purpose through reviews and action plans.


Job Activities


To prepare the annual service plan and to be responsible for implementation within the service.  Set targets/objectives in line with the service plan and monitor achievement, taking remedial action where necessary.


To regularly lead risk assessments and ensure that service continuity plans are kept under review.


To establish high level internal and external contacts with key stakeholders, maintain an appropriate service profile and be the Council’s expert advisor on enforcement services.


To prepare budget estimates, manage allocated budgets, develop and monitor programmes of work and authorise expenditure.  Ensure that expenditure, income and financial targets are achieved, whilst ensuring proper control in line with the Council’s financial regulations and standing orders.


To manage the Council’s ASB related services, exercising delegated authority acting on behalf of the Council to ensure that all appropriate action is taken to fulfil the requirements placed on the Council.


To keep abreast with and ensure compliance with changes in legislation, good practice and current professional standards.  To prepare and present detailed advice and reports and to make recommendations on a range of functions undertaken by the service in order to enable provision of high quality, cost effective and forward looking services that make best use of technological and legislative developments.


To keep up to date with development within the industry and the wider Council and identify areas of potential service enhancement.


To devise, recommend and implement changes in policies and procedures and lead organisational change in the service.


To ensure that systems for communication, performance, monitoring and service reviews are in place and operational to improve the quality and/or efficiency of the service and implement the Directorate’s PDR scheme and ‘Investors in People’ objectives.


To promote a positive image of the Directorate, forging links and developing partnerships with internal and external agencies to enhance the delivery and perception of the service.


To act as the Council’s source of expert advice and maintain an up to date knowledge of statutory, professional and technical matters.


To actively participate in working parties, steering groups and other meetings as appropriate.  To work with Members, local residents, businesses, statutory bodies, government agencies and the voluntary sector to improve services, devise creative and innovative ways of tackling local problems and commission consultation with stakeholders.


To work outside normal office hours as required.


To keep up to date with legislation, Council strategy and policies and developments within the service industry, preparing reports and briefings on key issues for Senior Management, Members, the Mayor and Cabinet and disseminating relevant aspects to staff, as required.


To participate in the Council’s Performance Management Scheme, assisting in the development of realistic standards/targets and ensure these are met within the agreed timescale.  Actively participate in schemes leading to team and individual development plans for both the post holder and staff responsible for.


To be responsible for ensuring that all duties and responsibilities are performed in accordance with all Council Policies and Procedures, including Financial Regulations, Standing Orders, Personnel Policies and Procedures.


To undertake any other duties and responsibilities which may arise from time to time and which are commensurate with the grade of the post and within the capabilities of the post holder.


To actively promote and comply with the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy in the opposition and eradication of all forms of discrimination and to ensure all services are accessible to all users.


To fulfil all duties and responsibilities with proper regard to the Council’s Health & Safety Policy and any other relevant legislation in order to ensure a safe working environment for the public, the post holder and other members of staff.


Head of Service – Communities and Enforcement


Person Specification




Detailed and practical understanding of policy, legislation and practice relating to parking


Knowledge of relevant Government policies relating to operational services


Strong understanding of the structure and the workings of local government and other agencies involved in fleet & transport services.




Experience of managing a Parking service or significantly similar service


Proven record of developing and delivering strategic plans that are outcome focused.


Experience of realising commercial opportunities and delivering lean and efficient services proven track record of effectively managing large projects to time and budget


Evidence of successful partnership working to deliver outcomes


Significant experience of managing a large workforce to deliver outcomes


Experience of working with the public and elected Members.


Core Values


Achieving Results


Excellent written and oral communication skills


Strong project and financial management


Ability to work under pressure, meeting deadlines and effectively managing changing work priorities


Engaging with Others


Working as part of a team


Ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people


Strong negotiating and influencing skills


Political sensitivity


Facilitation and consultation skills.


Valuing Diversity


Proven and demonstrable commitment to the principles and practice of equal opportunities and social inclusion.


Learning Effectively


Ability to self-motivate and identify, prioritise and resolve problems


Using data to inform policy and practice


Using evaluation and performance management to improve outcomes.








This Vacancy is no longer open for applications. Please search vacancies or submit your CV

Main Vacancy Details


Enforcement, Executive



Contract Type



Competitive Salary Offered

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