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Housing Enforcement Officer

Full Vacancy Description

Job description                  Housing Enforcement Officer

Purpose of the Role:

1.         To achieve Council, Departmental, Divisional, Team and individual objectives and plans in relation to the work of the Housing Enforcement team; providing protection to the public from the adverse effects of a poor private rented sector housing conditions

2.         To secure compliance to protect the public and improve the conditions in the private rented sector

3.         To effectively exercise delegated statutory powers.

Visits and inspections of premises and may involve high risk environments and may be exposed to conflict and aggressive situations. The post holder will be expected to use their skills to ensure the safety of themselves and others

The post holder must be able to travel to premises inside and out of the borough and will be required to work flexibly outside office hours in order to respond to work demands.

Key Accountabilities:


1.         Lead and provide professional guidance to a team of specialist officers to ensure the Housing Enforcement Team makes full and effective use of all current and developing enforcement techniques to deliver its work programme, to protect residents from poor private rented sector housing conditions and to work with partners such as police and other statutory bodies. 

2.         To organise, lead and participate in high profile operations, raid and patrols with partners and to take appropriate enforcement action.     

3.         Ensure that the full range of proactive and reactive operational duties identified within the Service Plan are delivered in relation to:

Mandatory HMO licensing

Inspections and visits in relation to complaints about overcrowding, substandard living conditions and illegal HMOs

Project Activities

4.         Responsible for carrying out the more complex and detailed assigned duties, exercising delegated authority and statutory powers, through a programme of

Risk-based inspections and interventions

Investigation of complaints

Provision of advice to tenants and the public on housing and nuisance legislation

Ensure that MEQs/FOIs, Corporate complaints etc. are effectively dealt within time limits           

5.         Undertake complex investigations and take effective enforcement against offenders and to secure compliance by demonstrating sound professional judgement and providing leadership to the Housing Enforcement Team         

6.         As an authorised Officer, to interpret, implement and enforce a wide-range of Housing, nuisance and other related legislation to deal with poor housing private rented sector housing conditions and meet the aims and objectives of the Council and improve the health and well-being of residents in the Borough.          

7.         To prepare and collate evidence and statements for in support of complex investigations and legal proceedings in accordance with the rules of criminal investigations (e.g.- PACE, CPIA and RIPA) and internal quality systems. To give evidence as a professional witness in court and at First Tier Property Tribunals.     

8.         Contribute and assist the Environmental Protection Team Leader in the development and delivery of the Service Plan and Performance Management Framework.    

9.         Lead officer for designing and delivering projects identified in the Service Plan.    

10.       Provide specialist advice, training and assistance to other members of the team, including coaching and mentoring staff as part of the Environmental Health professional training programme.           

11.       To deputise for the Team Leader as required.  

12.       Any other duties reasonably requested by management Included above

13.       Carry out all accountabilities in compliance with the Council’s Policies and Procedures            Included above

Key Relationships (Internal and External):

In all contacts the post holder will be required to present a good image of the service as well as giving high level professional advice on complex problems or negotiating issues.  The following list is not exhaustive but details contacts with whom the post holder is likely to involved with:

Elected Members and MPs

Officers of other departments

Other authorities; professional organisations; statutory and government agencies including the Police; Immigration,

Residents and businesses.

Lawyers and barristers

External: Directors and senior managers of businesses, housing associations and voluntary bodies

Government Departments such as The Ministry of Housing and Local Government, GLA

Equality and Diversity:

The Council has a strong commitment to achieving equality in its service to the community and the employment of people and expects all employees to understand, comply with and promote its policies in their own work.

Health and Safety:

The post holder shall ensure that the duties of the post are undertaken with due regard to the Council’s Health and Safety Policy and to their personal responsibilities under the provisions of the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 and all other relevant subordinate legislation.

For a more detailed definition of these responsibilities, refer to the current versions of the Corporate Health & Safety Policy, Group Safety Policy and employee information leaflet entitled "Health & Safety Policy; Guidance on Staff Health & Safety Responsibilities".

Corporate Health and Safety Responsibilities

All employees have personal responsibilities to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others.  This means:

1.         Understanding the hazards in the work they undertake;

2.         Following safety rules and procedures;

3.         Using work equipment, personal protective equipment, substances, and safety devices correctly; and

4.         Working in accordance with the training provided and only undertaking tasks where appropriate training has been received.

Employees shall co-operate with the Council by allowing it to comply with its duties towards them.  This requires employees to:

take part in safety training and risk assessments and suggest ways of reducing risks; and

take part in emergency evacuation exercises.

Employees shall report all accidents, ‘near miss incidents and work-related ill health conditions to their manager/supervisor/team leader.

Employees shall read the Corporate Health & Safety – Organisation Part B Policy to ascertain and understand their responsibilities as an employee, line manager, Assistant Director or Director of the Council. 

Information Security:

In order to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Council information, including information provided by customers, partner organisations, and other third parties, where applicable, employees will comply with the Council’s Information Security Policy.

Statement of Commitment to Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults through safer employment practice:

The Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. Safe recruitment of staff is central to this commitment, and the Council will ensure that its recruitment policies and practices are robust, and that selection procedures prevent unsuitable people from gaining access to children, young people and vulnerable adults.  All staff employed to work with or on behalf of children and young people in the Council must be competent.

All staff working with Children & Vulnerable Adults should be aware of and share the commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults when applying for posts at the Council.

Person Specification


1.         Ability to work with minimal supervision to deliver:

a.         Effective case management and resolution

b.         Effective and timely enforcement actions

2.         Demonstrate sound working knowledge and achievements, motivating individuals and teams to effectively meet demanding service objectives in a resource limited environment.

3.         A high standard of interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills to engage with members, MPs, businesses; members of the public; internal and external partners. Able to deal with difficult situations involving sensitivity, conflict and potentially aggressive situations.

4.         Demonstrate a good working knowledge and enforcement experience of Private Rented Sector Housing Enforcement or a similar regulatory field.

5.         Ability to organise and prioritise a demanding workload to meet deadlines, targets and objectives

6.  Demonstrable skills in providing good customer service.   


Appropriate behaviours are key to the delivery of our vision. 

We want staff who will work collaboratively, flexibly and constructively, and exhibit this ethos in all their dealings with residents, colleagues and partners. Our leaders will be exemplars of the following behaviours and encourage them in staff at all levels; 

Takes Responsibility

We want staff who are willing to make decisions and be accountable for them. Staff should have a positive can-do attitude where they see problems as challenges which can be overcome. They should accept responsibility for service delivery, be clear about their service offer and deliver what they promise.

Is Open, Honest and Respectful

We want staff who are comfortable and confident to acknowledge the difficulties and the barriers they face. They should also be able to constructively challenge the way things are done where there is evidence that it impedes service delivery. Challenge should be conducted in a professional, courteous manner with the aim of reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.

Actively Listening and Learning

We want staff who are prepared to actively listen and reflect on customer concerns with a view to understanding the customer’s point of view. Staff should be able to receive constructive criticism and be prepared to adapt the way they operate and deliver services where appropriate.

Working Together to find solutions

We want staff who can work collaboratively with other departments and partners, freely sharing their knowledge and skills to identify solutions to address customer concerns.


1.         Degree level qualification in Environmental Health, Housing, the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice (or similar), or demonstrable significant experience in housing enforcement preferably in a management capacity also

2.         Trained in the use and application of the Housing, Health and Safety Rating System       

Other Special Requirements*

1.         Ability to use software systems proficiently.

2.         Ability to work outside office hours for the performance of this post.

3.         Driving licence - ability to travel around and outside the borough.    

Main Vacancy Details


Enforcement, Other Roles



Contract Type



£30-£40/hour, > £40/hour

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